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box step

14 October
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You guys, I am a creep. I'm sorry, I'm just an awkward human being.

A little about me~
My name is Inga and I am a Norse God. FUN FACT: My name is entirely comprised of letters found in the Japanese syllabary and can, depending on which kanji you choose to apply, mean a variety of useful vocabulary words! Here we go, a spontaneous Japanese lesson:
印画: Print (in the film development sense)
因果: Karma, cause and effect, what-goes-around-comes-around
And my personal favorite, 淫画: Lewd photographs ♥

I am a part-time camp counselor and a full-time enthusiast. Currently working for an adorable city office in an adorable city in Blue Forest, Japan ♡ Mostly I just sit at my desk and try to comprehend the local dialect while crumbling away internally, but every once in a while I do things like organize sister city exchange trips and plan fun international events.

Fandomwise, I translate Arashi things (sometimes) and sub (sometimes) and fangirl (all the time). Mostly I just look at their Kirin Beer posters when I go out to eat and make jokes about them to my coworkers, who welcome my eccentricities with bemused acceptance.

My journal is kind of friend-locked but that's mostly because I draw lab coats onto turtles in the middle of the night, so don't be shy! I would love to add you back, but talk to me first! A comment or PM will do :)

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