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03 March 2011 @ 10:59 am
Arashi FC message translation (3/3/11)  
Hey there, all you guys and dolls!

I translated Arashi's new message over at The Johnny's Family Club. It was silly, the editing was spazzy, and I found it quite amusing, so give it a watch and have a gander at my translation if you feel thus inclined!

S: Hello to everyone watching at Johnny's net!
AMNOS: We're Arashi~!
S: Well, well, well, wel
M: Herrow!
S: Hello hello hello hello
A: Yay yay!
S: There's a rumor going around, y'know, that Aiba-san has a drama
N: Is that for real?
A: Fridays from 11:15 pm on TV Asahi
N: I see, I see
A: Everyone, watch it please ♪
S: And what's the title?
A: It's called 「Bartender」
S: And the theme song of this drama
O: Is Lotus. It's pretty fresh, isn't it?
S: Matsumoto-san, maybe you could try explaining it…
M: The song this time?
M: We danced a lot in this one, didn't we?
N: Yep, we did!
N: And you can see our dancing side on the LE release
A: *adorable giggles*
S: Ah! Ninomiya-san!
S: Your movie
N: GANTZ part 1 is playing now, so please go and see it. Part 2 as well--
S: Perfect Answer
N: Yes, that is coming out on April 23rd, so put the two together and enjoy!
S: Can't people see it a little early? And not wait for April 23rd*
N: For part 2?
S: For part 2
N: No, you can't. Like I said, it comes out on April 23rd
S: They'll just have to look forward to Ohku's DVD coming out on April 4th
N: Aiba-san's play is also…
A: That's right, the DVD of my play is coming out on March 23rd
S: Bartender?
A: Aha, no, Bartender is my drama, Kimi to Miteiru Sen no Yume is what the play is called
N: On March 23rd, right?
A: Yep, it goes on sale~
N: Sho-san as well, right?
S: Yes, it's a little ways away but on August 27th
N: Yes
S: Kami-sama no karute-kun
AN: Karute-KUN?
N: Kami-sama no karute, right?
S: Ohno-san is doing a movie now, too
O: Right, I'm doing Kaibutsu-kun
S: Ahhh, that's where the "kun" comes in
O: Yes, that's right
N: I get it, so Kaibutsu-kun is coming out in winter of 2011
N: And it's 3D, so you should probably go see it
M: Is it 3D throughout the whole thing?
S: Or does it also have 2D parts?
O: It also has some 2D parts
S: So please look forward to that!
S: And we, Arashi, will also continue with our regular TV shows
S: "Arashi ni Shiyagare" on Nihon-TV
N: Yes.
S: "VS Arashi" on FujiTV
N: Yes!
S: "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" on TBS
S: We're cooperating will all of these shows!
S: And men as well, please don't hesitate to cheer us on!
M: C'mere!
A: Yay yay!
S: You can check on detailed information at Johnny's net in the Family Club
AMNOS: Please continue to support us!
AMNOS: This has been Arashi!
N: Yep!
S: Bye-bi~!
A: Next is Tackey and Tsubasa
S: Is that really true?
A: I dunno!

*He could be talking about Nino, not just people in general. Japanese doesn't have to use pronouns to make a grammatical sentence, so you get a lot of ambiguity :X

Thanks so much for reading :D It's been real, man ♥
Inga: Handszelflame on March 4th, 2011 02:09 pm (UTC)
You're welcome ^^

Of course you may use my translation, thanks for asking! I can't guarantee it's 100% accurate though...XD
Charlotte Rossi NinomiyaCharlotte Rossi Ninomiya on March 4th, 2011 05:25 pm (UTC)
thank you! thank you so much! =)